Seven months on from his outstanding single on Purple Desert Records ‘Concrete’ Impello  returns with a triple dose of heat.

Since his label start-up in 2018 with EPs ‘Territory’ and ‘Fabric’ followed by singles ‘Iron’ and ‘Concrete’ , Impello  has confirmed the early year highlight, reinforcing his production skills.

‘Tomb’ is driven by lustrous chord lines and pad-laden beauty, that melt the kick and typically strong off hats together

‘Chemical Compound’ ups the intensity with filtered synth effects and cascading percussion.
The track is a master class in tension and release, characterized by a wobble low-end bass hum that gathers steam as crunchy drum lines and breathy percussions combine effectively with the synth.

‘Warning’ is the irresistible groover thanks to its mesmerizing brew of shuffling low panned toms, computer language and swirling sounds.
This multi-vibe-scrambler is a grin-inducing sensation with a battle of the bassline.

This EP is definitely one you’ll be hearing on the dancefloor!

Release date: 1st of March, 2020

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  • Michel. L says:

    Tomb and Chemical Compound are my favourites of this ep. They have a nice vibe and groove and it sounds full and energetic.

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