We are extremely excited to announce and welcome a new artist to the label.

His contribution EP is a dope 2 tracker. Although he has been merciless when it comes to producing absolutely huge sounding tracks, which are heavily suited to the big club room vibe, he remains humble about his tracks.
Purple Desert Records’ debutant Arjan Molenaar aka ‘Audio Mill’ steps up with two very different, but not less deadly interpretation of melodic techno. The Dutchman has impressed in recent times with strong releases on Gain Record en Redrum Music, and takes this form into PDR005. The propulsive ‘Infinite Dark Capacity’ EP is the result. Audio Mill has sketched some of the competences he met along the way.
‘Infinite Capacity’ contains chord progressions, a piercing synth line and heartrending melody that mark this memorable track. A track that really fit on the dancefloor. A punch with rugged baselines and sketchy filtered percussion dip in and out with euphoric effect and a powerful climax.
‘Cutting Dark Corners’ is defined by a rhythmic percussion, an organized arrangement and response melody and actuation beats fashioned for prime moments.
Stripped down and fleshed out, Arjan’s recordings stick to pinpoint drumbeats and well-designed sound creating catchy tunes and rolling percussion.

Exclusive on Beatport as from 12, 2019 Release date: Sep 26, 2019

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